Portraits - Kevin Taylor

Outdoor Lifestyle Sessions

Fun and adventurous couples, families, individuals and their pets are invited to join me in beautiful relaxed environments for naturally timeless photos. In these sessions we'll mostly use natural available light and shoot in a more journalistic style to capture authentic moments out in the world. So come loose and ready to have fun, what we do is up to you. It can be a 30 minute meet-up or a full day follow which can include multiple locations, looks, and activities. Ideal for someone who values candid shots and/or is interested in a nice balance of quantity and quality lifestyle photos.

Headshots, Solo Portraits, and Professional Profiles

Whether you're a professional who needs an updated headshot, an artist or entrepreneur thinking about personal branding, or simply want professional imagery of you for personal reasons, I can help you conceptualize and execute a vision to show the world exactly who you are and what you do. These can be one-off shoots or depending on what you do and what your goals are we can plan a series of shoots to build you an image library that you can pull from 24/7. Doers and makers of all sorts are encouraged to apply.


I split my time between Utah and New England. Of course I'm always ready to pack a bag if you're headed somewhere exotic and want to have a photog in tow! But as long as we're being practical, portrait sessions can take place at a location of your choosing within reasonable travel distance or if you're feeling adventurous I'm happy to suggest a few spots as I'm always surveying the land for great places to shoot.


There are many things you can do to ensure a smooth session. Communication and preparation are top of the list! I usually have a list of questions for you when you are booking a portrait session. Your answers not only help me get to know you, but also give me an idea of what you are envisioning and serve as a general guideline or checklist to get you prepared. I also recommend that you be well-rested yet adrenalized in order to get your best side.

Contact me for rates and booking.

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