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A little bit about me...

Artist, builder, unofficial tour guide, board rider, mountain biker, explorer, adventurer, and, of course, service industry pro. What motivates me most is just contributing to something positive in the world, creating opportunities for others, and maintaining a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle shared with family and friends.

Photography and design have been of special interest to me since I was a kid growing up and snowboarding with my friends in New England. Trying to catch the action with disposable cameras planted a seed in me and photography became a reason and a mechanism to explore my own world. After high school I attended Central Connecticut State University where I studied Art and Communication with an emphasis on Media Studies and Rhetoric.  A little later I followed my insatiable love for snowboarding to the Wasatch mountains in Utah where I spent ten years exploring and adventuring. Ski and snowboard photography rely on super fast cameras and fancy lenses that were beyond my means at the time so I did what I could with what I had and  started exploring my environment with the 35 mm film camera a relative had lent me a few years earlier for a college class. What started as a hobby began to get noticed and a few years later I was fortunate enough to be able to put it to work and contribute some imagery to a local ski resort for their promotional endeavors and internal communications. This site is equal parts homage to those early days of exploration and a chronicle of current and evolving work.

Today I split my time between New England and The Mountain West. I specialize in creating/managing marketing content for local businesses, portraits, and print-worthy images to be used as art in the home, the community, and the workplace. Feel free to contact me for any imaging needs.

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